BOB's 2 Year Anniversary

The official BOB two-year anniversary is tomorrow 11/07/09, but I will be working a spiritual freedom retreat away from computers, so I will just have to solicit pats on the back today. Here is what has happened over the last couple of years:

My Top 5 Posts (# of views as of today):

  1. The Lord is My Shepherd (2,780)
  2. What Makes A Bible Translation Authoritative? My Top 5 (1,060)
  3. What's in a Name? On Ishmael and Isaac (983)
  4. A Week withthe NLT Study Bible (941)
  5. How I Mark My Bible (768), and

Absolute Must-Read Post: 10 Things Churches Do Right.

My Personal Favorite (in recent memory): Don't Bite Your Friends.

Best Anniversary Post (besides this one): One Year Anniversary.

Most Comments on a Post: When You Die, Where Will You Go? Are You Sure? (55).

Total Number of Posts: 257.

Total Number of Comments: 1870.

It's been a great year. Thanks for all of your support.

5 Sources of Bad Theology

When You Die, Where Will You Go? Are Your Sure?