One-Year Anniversary

Genesis in the original Hebrew.

Genesis in the original Hebrew.

Today is Beauty of the Bible's one-year anniversary (or as my good friend Robert Jimenez from Inquiring Minds calls it, bloggiversary).

It has been a fun and exciting year. I hope and pray that 2009 is as great as 2008 and better.

Here is a quick summary of year one (as of today):

Original Address:

Move from Blogger to Wordpress: April 23, 2008 (The Believer's Journey).

Total Readers (since the move): 6,872.

Most Read Post: So Many Translations, So Little Time (399).

Least Read Post (since the move): Scofield Study Bible: An Oldie But Goodie (10).

Busiest Day: September 11, 2008, What Makes A Bible Translation Authoritative: My Top 5 (172).

Post With Most Comments: Genesis 1:1 and God's Great Ambiguity (26).

Most Clicked Item: How to Read the Bible: A Lighthearted Look at a Serious Question.

Largest Referrer :ESV Blog (140).

First Blog to Blogroll Me: Sermon Alive

First Technorati Blog Reaction: For Love of Home

Technorati Authority/Rank: 27/237,589.

*First Child Born*: Libby Grace (June 2008).

Libby Grace

Libby Grace

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