Writer's Block Blog

This may be something of an oxymoron, but I've been contemplating writing a writer's block blog: a place to write about writer's block. I actually don't feel blocked at the moment, rather somewhat overwhelmed by having so much I want to write about. But, I think a place for writers to share their angst would be a welcomed place to hang out.

The idea has an interesting beginning. I was observing the artists at our church do "art fusion," where each artist begins a sketch, painting, etc., then they rotate and add their respective take to each piece. The progression of it all is quite amazing. And it struck me that this would be something that could be useful for writers.

I have numerous unfinished books, stories, and other projects that could benefit from a shot fresh perspective. And I doubt I'm alone in this. I suspect finished works are more valuable than unfinished works even if credit has to be shared. "Writing fusion" is only one possibility. It would probably be mostly tips, thoughts, observations, and other random stuff for writers to chew on.

So, do you think anyone would participate (I'm not asking for commitments, just thoughts about the idea)?

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