Question on the Nature of God and Blessing or Cursing

For the last several months, our church has been holding a weekly noontime Bible study through the book of Revelation. It's been quite enlightening, and my end-times theological cage is being rattled a little. Incidentally, the progress is being written about @ The Watchman's Gaze if you care to follow. But, during a recent meeting, we chased a few rabbit trails, including: Did Jesus (and by extension God) curse Israel (specifically when Jesus cursed the fig tree, or ever)? Does God curse anything? If He did before, does He still? Is God capable of cursing anything given His nature(?), or given Christ's accomplishment on the cross(?), or are curses merely brought upon one's self?

The discussion was obviously much more in depth than the narrowly defined questions posed above, but this is my (admittedly) slanted summary.

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?

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