Techies Take Note-The Glo Bible

Thanks to Bitsy, who got it from Stephen, who probably got it from Kevin Bacon, but this looks really, really cool.

Here's the rub, it requires a Windows-based PC, which is fine for me because I use PCs, but it kind of has that Apple/Mac feel, which is a relatively minor point I suppose. But, it also requires 18GB (yes, GB) of free disk space, a dual-core processor, and either 1 or 2GB of RAM depending on your Windows version, and an internet connection.

When you check out the Glo website, you'll know why. There are over 550 360° virtual tours, 3.5 hours of HD videos, over 140 interactive maps, thousands of high-resolution photos, and over 7,500 articles, and a whole lot more. It's quite the ambitious project. The cost is considerable, but not oppressive, $89.99(USD).

It's hard for me to tell who the potential audience is, or isn't. I would love it, but it's not something I would use everyday like my trusted paper Bibles. It would be great for presentations or research, and I could see a younger audience liking the interactivity, but I would be interested to see how it is incorporated into regular Bible reading/study habits.

I would be curious if any of you have previewed a review copy since it's not available until October 15, 2009. I would definitely like to test drive it before I bought it, but I might trust someone else's test drive.

Here is the official Glo website and other links that might be of interest:

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