Mission: Brazil

My lovely wife Lorin, or Pastor Lolo as she is affectionately known around our church, and our worship pastor, Mindy von Atzigen, are going to Brazil. It's not exactly a South American vacation, rather a healing mission trip with a team from Global Awakening. They will be ministering in Rio de Janeiro and Volta Redonda, Brazil.

Here is a brief testimony from one of Global Awakening's recent trips to Brazil:

One man had a grapefruit-size cancerous tumor which had spread throughout his digestive system. When the doctors performed surgery to remove the cancer, they found that it was too wide spread.  They immediately closed him back up and told him that he only had a few days to live.  With this news, he went to the revival service where Randy and the Global team were ministering. A team member prayed for him, and the next thing you know the huge tumor was gone!  The man felt great and went home knowing that he was healed. The next day he went back to the doctors and told them what happened. They tried to prove to him that it was impossible, but all the tests proved he was completely healed!

And they will experience 8 days of this - should be exciting!

Donate to Brazil Mission trip via Paypal.

Donate to Brazil Mission trip via Paypal.

Suffice it to say, the cost of the trip will be significant, and the ladies are raising the money themselves. If anyone feels led to contribute in any way, financially, praying, or otherwise, your support would be greatly appreciated. Please don't feel like this is a solicitation for donations, it isn't meant to be. However, I know that many of you probably do donate to missionaries, mission teams or organizations. If so, and you are looking for just such an outlet, consider helping this team out. Our church has set up a link where anyone can make a Paypal donation for the Brazil trip.

Financial support will only be raised through the month of October (2009) because the funds are due the first of November, so if you happen to be reading this after then, please find another great mission organization to support.

If you want to support though prayer, you can contact me via the "Contact" page above, and I will gladly keep you updated via email about the team's progress and how you can help through prayer.

For more info, visit the EFC Brazil Team page or the Global Awakening Brazil 2009 page.

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