Do You Want to Write Book Reviews?

Attention Bloggers: If you are interested in writing book reviews for your blog, a couple of major publishing houses have established book-reviewing programs for bloggers. Thomas Nelson's Book Review Bloggers (BRB) and Bethany House Book Reviewers are now soliciting bloggers to write and publish book reviews on their blogs.  Both also require that book reviewers write a review of each book reviewed on a major commercial website (Amazon, Barnes & Noble,, etc.).

Prospective book reviewers are required to fill out an application form and click through a confirmation email before reviewing books.  As far as I can tell, the title selection is limited, but significant (there are plenty of good titles to choose from).  Thomas Nelson's BRB has a site dedicated for this program where bloggers can browse book titles. You will also receive periodic emails about products available for review.

Similarly, Bethany House Book Reviewers allows prospective book reviewers to select from several categories of interest, and the reviewer will receive periodic emails alerting them to titles available for review.

I'm sure other publishers will follow suit.  If so, I will keep you posted.

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